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My work is a process, a mental state through which I search and find happiness.

To me art is an instrument with which I can do magic, generate my own reality and establish a direct connection between each individual´s physical and spiritual world. I believe artistic creation must be rewarding and healing for the artist, only then can he offer the Object-Art as knowledge and experience.

My search is focused in the creation of a universe ruled by balance. The results are fragments, narrations of a bittersweet world, full of contrasts and cynics; pastel atmospheres where my characters find relief. In any case I draw on the idea of sacrifice and pain, not from the perspective of the quiet observer that delights himself in the anatomy of the maimed body but from that of who encourages and supports what was already dead.

I give myself to painting out of pleasure and without fight. We are born with great certainties: pain, suffering and death. Pleasure, joy and happiness aren´t assured. So I find no greater virtue than to pursuit them. I have found the way, the relief in the worst of times, behind the darker thoughts there will be always the infinite possibility of surrender, revel in the senses.


The greatest vertigo is caused by the open door of a room where someone awaits for you, there to surrender, soft and meek, observant of your desires, waiting in chills to be surprised and carried, blindfolded, to the worst of places; a place where god is nude and isn´t afraid to reveal itself. In that room where you rule and are obeyed you are happy at a reasonable price: the perfect equilibrium. Only there you will be god and slave, king and servant. The vertigo has no other reason than uncertainty and the monster you carry within twirls because it knows you´re about to drink the antidote or the poison. 

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